ODC-50 It is a granulated / powder based composition Made from naturally mined minerals of Calcium Magnesium Carbonate .


AGRIC-LIME is produced from high quality mined lime and is very useful in the soils with acidic PH. Apart from taking care of Soil PH neutralization, it enrich the soil with essential plant based micro nutrients as Calcium , Magnesium . It improves soil water holding capacity. AGRIC-LIME(S) is another variant of AGRIC-LIME enriched with presence of naturally occurring GYPSUM . It provide superior performance in soil PH neutralization and higher level of plant based micro nutrients.Both the products comes in powder / free owing Granulated form. There are advantage of granulated products as it can be applied at all crop stage and with equal ease in open or planted condition. The granules gradually disperse & It provides slow release care for soil making it more impactful .

packing : 25kg

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