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Humiplex-Humic Acid Humiplex as source of Humic Acid and has the following properties:-

Humiplex physically, chemically & biologically impact the soil

  • It improves the structure of soil. Prevent soil cracking, surface water run off and soil erosion by increasing the ability of colloids to combine.
  • It increases water holding capacity of soil and thus help resist drought. chemically changes the fixation properties of the soil.
  • It regulates the PH value of soils.
  • It improves and optimizes the uptake of nutrients and water by plants.
  • It is rich in both organic and mineral substances essential to plant growth.
  • It possesses extremely high cation-exchange capacities.
  • It stimulates plant enzymes and increase their production.
  • It acts as an organic catalyst in many biological processes.
  • It stimulates growth and proliferation of desirable micro-organisms in soil.
  • It stimulates root growth, especially vertically and enable better uptake of nutrients.
  • It increases root respiration and root formation.
Available Packing 500ml, 1000ml, 5000ml
Dilution 5ml/LT
Method of application Use 7.5lt per hect
Use and dose Soil Application – mix 5 ml of humiplex in 1 liter of water.

Always use diluted humic acid as prescribed for various applications and usage.

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