The company is into Agri Business since 1975. We have sell established manufacturing plant fully equipped with state of automated plant and machinery for making best quality products. The machinery used are developed with accurate precision and ensure finest quality of output each time. Automated packing line ensure minimal contamination and highest quality of the output.

The plant is duly supported with inhouse large warehouses capable to accommodating raw material and finished goods. We have our own workshop equipped with state of art engineering equipments for providing full backup to running plant and machinery. We have 100% standby power arrangement for running the whole plant .

QC lab is equipped with state of art testing machines as per required standard. Frequent samples are drawn and are checked for accuracy and quality .

The agriculture products made by us are trialled first at our own R & D farm in different crops, treatments. Once successful trials are done , products are trialled at farmer field in open and uncontrolled conditions . Only upon successful results in multi crop and multi location , data are generated and are scientifically evaluated . Products are then given for commercial marketing .

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