why us

The company is dedicated to provide organic and cost effective solution for :

  1. Certified inputs for IPM/INM
  2. Certified inputs for water conservation and weed management
  3. Certified inputs for Sanitation and disinfectant.
  4. Organic animal feed in palletted form for cattle, pig, rabbit, fish and poultry.
  5. Composting culture for conversion of food, agri and farm waste to manure

We believe in offering a complete solution to farmer for all aspect of organic agriculture and always focus on zero wastage approach . This helps in cost reduction as well as optimal utilization of resources of farmers. A farmer must get organic answer to all his queries for agriculture and animal feeding and maintainace system.

We are in process of developing more value added certified inputs , bio pesticide, inputs for sanitation (Bio Control Agents for larvacide),inputs for micro nutrients and inputs for seed treatment. We will continue to develop more value added products and will always go with single organic focused policy driven with idea of maximizing farmers benefit. Chemical Free inputs assures chemical free output for human consumption which is more healthy . Our products are unique and are trailed and tested at leading agri universities.

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