Austin is Key to Growth

Liming Can hold the key ,to improving crop growth and yields by limiting the adverse effects of acid soils (low pH values).No matter Which crop is grown ,Austin will improve the soil to combat the deleterious effects of acid levels in the soil .Acidity builds up over time from rainfall leaching. Austin raises pH levels in soil bringing better utilisation of nutrients uptake by plants and promotes healthy growth.

Austin as Granulated Lime is mode out of finely ground limestone , and is combined ,in a unique process ,with a water soluble organic binder to produce hard, slow release 2 to 5mm size granules.

Austin , a first and novel concept of soil PH regulation and is suitable for use on all farms, Large or small , forestry , Agriculture and horticultural use. Users can apply as much or as little as the filed requires with ease.

Unique Benefits of Austin

  • Fine limestone granules ensure even spread and use in soil
  • Easy Manual spreading with accurate application
  • NPOP approved, Suitable for organic crops
  • Can be applied to bare ground or to growing crops
  • Spread at any time of the year and with other manure
  • Economic for treating small areas
  • Lower application rates by upto 20% than normal ground limestone
  • Varied and accurate application can be easily achieved

Application Rate:

Austin , as Granulated Lime , should be applied varies greatly depending on soil type, acid levels and the type of crop.

packing : 10Kg/25Kg.

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