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Animal Feed Animal Feed is a necessary and most important part of our ecosystem and there health, life and quality of output needs concern of all stake holders. Being a responsible society, it becomes duty of all to ensure that the life and health of cattle are taken care of. Feeding them with a balanced, complete , comprehensive and chemical free diet, will help solve the health ,immunity and disease related issues of cattle.

Population pressure on land necessitates devoting most of the cultivable land for production of crops for direct human consumption and very limited area is made available for growing fodder crops and cattle feed & other animal feed. Thus most of our livestock have to depend on crop residues and by-products.

Large ruminants like Animal play an important role in the rural economy of the country. Being able to digest fibrous material and by-products, these are well suited for recycling such material feed and providing an additional source of income. Cereal straws form the major source of bulk and energy for ruminants in countries like India. However since the last few years, even the straws have become an expensive commodity.

Due to drought and demands increasing per year, their prices have become unusually high. It is generally observed that drought and scarcity conditions occur almost every year in one or other part of the country. The Indian animal feed market for Pig, Rabbit & other cattle are in excess of 65million ton.

The Indian cattle feed market is in excess of 65million ton. The following are broad types of feeds offered

  1. Home mixers
  2. Dairy cooperatives
  3. Private sector manufactures

Feeding is the largest input for any livestock production system accounting for 60-70% of the cost of production. Growing demand for livestock products, shortage of feed resources and animals with improved production potential are some of the major factors responsible for greater interest in the improved feeding management of livestock. It has become imperative for the farmers to get maximum milk from the cattle in order to maximize feeds in short run. This is fuelled by availability of antibiotics and boosters which results in long term loss and poor animal health. Irresponsible addition of harmful ingredients for quick results has resulted in numerous problem in cattle. Addition of synthetic inputs , premixes, and harmful antibiotics has resulted in great loss to cattle. A better substitute for synthetic feed is recommendation of ORGANIC feed for cattle and other animals .

We, at Suraj Shree Chemicals Ltd, Can offer Organic animal Feed which is free from harmful antibiotics, premix and chemicals. All sources of dietry nutrients have been derived thru organic means which will always improve the health of animal and its output.

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