The Indian cattle feed or forage market is in excess of 65million ton. The following are broad types of feeds offered

  1. Home mixers
  2. Dairy cooperatives
  3. Private sector manufactures

Feeding is the largest input for any livestock production system accounting for 60-70% of the cost of production. Growing demand for livestock products, shortage of forage resources and animals with improved production potential are some of the major factors responsible for greater interest in the improved feeding management of livestock. It has become imperative for the farmers to get maximum milk from the cattle in order to maximize gains in short run. This is fuelled by availability of antibiotics and boosters which results in long term loss and poor cattle health . Irresponsible addition of harmful ingredients for quick results has resulted in numerous problem in cattle. Addition of synthetic inputs , premixes, and harmful antibiotics has resulted in great loss to cattle. A better substitute for synthetic forage is recommendation of biological forage for cattle .

We, at Suraj Shree Chemicals Ltd, Can offer Organic Feed which is free from harmful antibiotics, premix and chemicals. All sources of dietary nutrients have been derived thru organic means which will always improve the health of cattle and its output.

  1. Cattle Feed ( Hi energy, Heifer, Calf )
  2. Organic Pig Feed (Starter, Grower, Breeder)
  3. Organic Rabbit Feed (Breeder, Broiler )
  • Cattle Feed


  • Pig Feed


  • Rabbit Feed


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