ODC-50 BIO-NITROLUM is a bacterial biofertilizer Azospirillum. These bacteria occur free-living in soil or in association with the roots of plants specically sugarcane, maize, sorghum, Millet and other C plants. It xes atmospheric nitrogen; provide growth promoting 4 substances and increases availability of iron to plants.


  • The dormant forms of AZOSPIRILLUM on reaching the soil, germinate to produce metabolically active cells. These cells grow on soil organic carbon as well as on root exudates of C4 plants. In the rhizosphere these cells converts nona vailable (N ) nitrogen into ammonia (NH ). The ammoniacal nitrogen is taken up plant 2 3 roots.

Application PROCESS

  • Soil application Use 250ml diluted with 100 lit of water. Spread this emulsion evenly in the elds
  • Soil broadcasting Mix 250 ml with 50kg of cow dung. Add water to make the mixture damp and cover it with a gunny porous. Mixing should be done in shade. After 12 hours broadcast the mixture over 1 acre [0.4 ha]
  • Can be used with drip irrigation too.


Improves the uptake of nutrients. Vigorous root growth Early plant stand and early plant maturity. Immunity against soil borne fungal infection


It provides 15-25 kg of biologically xed nitrogen per hectare to each crop. It increases availability of iron by producing siderophores. It promotes plant growth by growth-promoting substances. The yield increases usually range around 10-35%. Improves the nutrient use efciency. Being environment friendly, neither disturb ecological balance nor pollute the environment Cheap as compared to chemical fertilizer. Enriches soil microora.

packing : :100ml/ 500ml in liquid and 500gm/ 1000gm in powder

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