ODC-50 BIOPOT is a carrier based as well as liquid formulation containing 9 potash mobilizing bacterium . The product contains upto 1x10 cells per ml of the product. The Microbes are benecial bacterium to the all kinds of crops like cereals, millets, legumes; cash crops like sugarcane and cotton; vegetables, owering plants and plantations. It mobilizes potash from soil to plants and meets the demand of third most important nutrient of crops – potash. It is very efcient in soils of low potash and mobilizes up to 50 kg potash per hectare.


  • The cells of BIOPOT (KSB) potash mobilizing bacteria , as soon as reaches to soil either through seed, seedling, sets or through soil application becomes active and begin multiplying. They use organic carbon from soil or root exudates and mobilize potash from soil. This is potash made available to plants by recycling from soil-bacteria-plant.


  • Soil application Mix 500 g BIOPOT powder in 100 kg well decomposed manure/ compost. Broadcast in 1 acre land area before rst irrigation.Mix 500 ml of liquid BIOPOT in100 kg well decomposed manure/ compost. Mix well and broadcast in 1 acre land area before rst irrigation.


  • Supply 30-40 kg/ha potash to the crops
  • Save up to 25% cost on chemical fertilizers.
  • Environment friendly
packing : :100ml/ 500ml in liquid and 500gm/ 1000gm in powder

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