ODC-50 Mycorrhizae are symbiotic root fungi. It helps to get inorganic nutrient to plant. These fungi can utilize organic and inorganic P sources. Apart from P-uptake these fungi absorb N, K, Ca, Fe, Mn, Cu and Zn and translocate to the plant. VAM fungi improve plant tolerance to water stress, salinity, and soil and heavy metal toxicity.


  • The spores of BIO-ROOTOX when in contact to plant roots, germinate into small hyphae. These hyphae grow in plant roots and produce arbuscules and vesicles or only arbuscules. The mycelium also grows external to root surface with connectivity to internal arbuscules. These mycelia draw nutrients from places far away from root hairs in soil and transport to plants.


  1. Soil application: Take 5-10 kg BIO-ROOTOX and add to 50-100 kg well decomposed manure or vermicompost. Spread the mixture evenly in the elds.
  2. Plantations: 100g BIO-ROOTOX mixed in enough organic manure and applied to each pit of mango, apple, oranges, grapes, guava, plum, peach, coconut and other fruit crops.


Improves the uptake of nutrients. Vigorous root growth Early plant stand and early plant maturity. Immunity against soil borne fungal infection Helps to overcome drought and salinity stress.


It provides P, N, K, Ca, Fe, Mn, Cu and Zn to plants. It provides tolerance to plants against drought (moisture stress).It provides tolerance to plants against temperature stress. Improves the nutrient use efciency. Being environment friendly, neither disturb ecological balance nor pollute the environment Cheap as compared to chemical fertilizer. Enriches soil micro-ora. It is a best nutrient source in organic farming

packing : : Size 500gm, 1kg, 5kg

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