Organic Micro Nutrient Mix for soil application

A unique combination of plant essential micro and macro nutrients for soil application. IT provides essentila and supplimentry support for plant health. It enhance productivity, vegetative growth, fruit setting and quality of output. It is unique blend of essential plant nutrient as Calcium, Magnesium, Sulphur, Boron, Zinc, Iron and Silica. Micro Nutrient play a vital role in several physio-biochemical reactions taking place within the plant cells. Some act as co-factors to enzymes and help in enzymatic reactions, some help in the synthesis of various pigments such as chlorophylls etc. Several translocations of biological intermediates are facilitated through micronutrients. They are indispensible in the biosynthesis of basic building blocks of the cells such as the DNA, RNA and proteins. Further they helps in better utilization of plant nutrient and enhance plant growth, vigour, Output quality and quantity. Basel application of Micro Life is recommended at time of field preparation or in early vegetative stage or pre-flowering.

packing : 1 KG

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