ODC-50 Neem Kawach is Botanical Neem Cake and is dened as a residue after extraction of Neem Oil by Chemical FREE Cold Pressed Process. The quality of the cake is determined by the amount of oil left in it, and also the process by which the extraction is done. Higher the level of oil, better will be the quality of the cake. The oil content in NEEM KAWACH is high as it is derived from Chemical Free Cold Press Process. The Solvent Extracted Cake have very very low oil content and it often gives very poor performance in eld

It is a good soil conditioner capable of controlling soil borne pests like Red Ants, Termites and it enhance nutritive value of soil . The high oil content of NEEM KAWACH has made it a rst choice among farmers as it effectively control soil borne pests and provide nutrients. It comes in akes or powder form.

packing : 50kg

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