STOX is non-toxic, 100% natural product for protection of stared grain/seeds from insect pests. IT is free from any artificial additive and contains products of natural origin. Before storage, at time of packing,STOX is recommended for mixing with seeds/grains. It protect seed/grain from pest infestation and has following properties and mode of action:

mode of action :

  1. It chokes and dehydrate the insect.
  2. It spikes work as scratching agent for insects soft body.
  3. It improves seed germination.
  4. It is non toxic and harmless.
  5. 100% natural origin without any synthetic contamination.
  6. Works effectively on all range of seeds/grains.
Dose : 10gm/KG with seed/grain.
packing : 25 KG

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